1. CV

Government Digital Service

Senior Communications Manager

Jun 2023 - Current
London, UK
People + Operations + Communications

As part of the Internal Communications and Events team.
Private Secretary & Head of Private Office to Chief Product and Technology Officer

Oct 2021 - Jun 2023
Provide high quality advice and support to the Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO).

Helping to build the new directorate by creating the operations team, strategic thinking with the CPTO, and progressing priorities for the senior management team.

(I have learned a lot in this role and one of the biggest things I have learned about myself is that I care deeply about how things affect people and power dynamics rule everything)


Owner & Founder

Dec 2020 - Current
London, UK

Featured in
HuffPost, Hackney Gazette, gal-dem

Community + Events + Curation + People + Operations

DCMO (previously Don’t Call Me Oriental) at its peak was a platform for East and Southeast Asian creatives. Through exhibitions, pop-ups and meet-ups, we built a community of Asian creatives and eventually, friends.

(This is my passion project and started out of covid)

Community + Events + Communications

Supporting Solve for Tomorrow - Samsung's hive of events, workshops, courses, community activity and opportunity designed to support young people in turning their tech-for-good ideas into a reality.

Community outreach and communication with youth organisations, assisting at events.

(The most rewarding part of doing events is getting to see people you invited turn up to your events and enjoy it)

China Exchange

Workshop Facilitator (Cantonese/English)

Jul 2021

London, UK


Creating and facilitating English and Cantonese workshops with East and Southeast Asian community members for a series of history boards that will be put up in London's Chinatown for at least 20 years, telling the history of Chinatown and Chinese people, including the wider community.

(Incredibly meaningful project that opened my eyes to the history of Asian migration to the UK and London specifically)

Channel Twelve

Quest Producer

Nov 2020 - Apr 2021

Facilitation + Community + Presenting + Operations

From January - March 2021 we ran a pilot series of monthly Creative Quests for those who want to step into the creative unknown, expand their perceptions of the world and reinvigorate their spare time. Inspired by our Quest theme: we explore, ask questions, play, channel our inner artists, embrace being beginners and of course, we create.

Supporting programme and activity creation, session facilitation, programme logistics and communications.

(An amazing project and now business that brings play, wonder and curiosity back into our lives. We all need this.)

Tech Circus

Speaker Acquisition and Content Curator

Jan - Jul 2020

London, UK

Curation + Events + Presenting + Communications

Tech Circus produces educational events to train & network the community of Design, UX & Product in London, Manchester, Amsterdam & New York.

Researching trends within the industry to create event topics. Outreach and curation of speakers for the panel and management of speakers. Presenting in person and online events.

(This is where I realised I love presenting)

Bun House

Front of House

Oct 2019 - Feb 2020
London, UK
Front of house service for a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.

(Despite being difficult being on your feet all day, this was one of my favourite jobs having lightweight interactions with customers all day)


Digital Enablement Consultant (UX/UI)

May - Jul 2019

Design + Facilitation

Created a design system for an enterprise solutions product UI using Sketch and a proof of concept journey app using Figma. Working with a wider multidisciplinary team to scope out requirements and produce products that fits our client’s needs.

(Interesting environment as my first time in consulting)


UX/UI Designer

Apr - May 2019
London, UK
Design + Facilitation

Feebris is an AI-powered mobile platform for community-based diagnosis & monitoring.

Designed screens for existing app and web platform through research, testing and liaising with developer, clinician and stakeholders.

(I felt very strongly about UX for the medical field at this time and really felt like I was making a difference)

Marques Almeida

Communications Assistant

Mar - Apr 2018
London, UK
Design + Communications

Newsletter design, sourcing and assisting at pop-ups.


Marketing Assistant

Aug - Sep 2017
Hong Kong
Communications + Design

Marketing copy and content creation for website and social, including poster design and photography.

(A very cool place to work for - Trybe is a movement gym and do all sorts of things like gymnastics, powerlifting, and circus arts, which were all things I was (and am) interested in)

Voltage X

Communications Assistant

Jun - Jul 2016
Hong Kong
Communications + Events

Social media engagement and strategy for food and beverage services. Assisting with setting up and running of brand events.

(My least favourite but most memorable part of this job was cold calling journalists in both English and Cantonese for many hours a day during a period of time)